Rescue Journal

everyone is stupid

Carol  ·  Nov. 28, 2007

gawd i was dragging my butt today...i don't remember ever feeling so blah. until i got home and spritely pissed me off...then i perked up pretty darn quick. that freaking horse knows darn well which is her house and every once in awhile she just has to go into someone elses and sample their dinner. i yelled at her and told her to get the heck out, and this freaked out swinger who decided, "ooooh this is so scarey" and then almost fell in the aisle again. i did get them sorted out and i told spritely she is a STUPID horse and swinger is not any brighter. i also told them they should pay attention and try to learn from gideon and sparkles who happen to be smart horses and go into their own stalls every single night and never cause any bedtime trouble.

and speaking of stupid...have you ever noticed that when we don't like someone, everything they have to say is just crap?....this is kind of stupid on our parts because even people we don't like might have something interesting to say. i don't particularly like oprah, but she says some pretty intelligent things. i am just glad i don't have to live with her, because she would probably make me madder than spritely.

i think the true test of any creatures intelligence is their ability to stretch and grow. now i know this is in conflict with my attitude to spritely who just wants to expand and dine in 2 stalls instead of just one...but expanding ones horizon is only fine if it doesn't constrict someone elses or inhibit their own ability to grow.

and my final thought on my own stupidity does not yell with frustrated anger in close proximitry to 6000 pounds of multiple hungry animal flesh all trying to get to into the same small barn to have their long awaited and somewhat delayed dinner. that was the stupidest thing i have done in a very long time. thank you god or whatever, that no one got hurt.