Rescue Journal

wrong twice in one day (that i know might have been more)

Carol  ·  Nov. 28, 2007

we had a nice visitor last evening and i enjoyed her visit. unfortunately the pink pig princess was already in bed so the full extent of her wonderfulness was not able to be shared. and pete, edith, jeanette and percy were unable to be greeted also simply because we do not have any light out in the new barn. greg said i should put one out there and i said no we didn't need one...wrong again.

carly had dinner with us out in the multi-purpose area which greg is calling the visitors center...which BTW might be a better name for that room. it should be mostly finished by the end of next week.

kathy came out yesterday afternoon and we made a huge dent in all the piles of stuff out there so that is good. a couple of big dump runs and some organizing of shelves and supplies and we should be ready to go for the christmas potluck.

faith was pretty darn happy to get home last night and carly ate a cheeseburger and some fries on the way home from the vet, so between that and sharing our sandwiches she had a pretty good couple of snacks. the vet scraped her toes that she has been licking at since she came in...i thought food allergies, but she has a staph infection instead...sigh and oops...wrong yet again.

gotta get moving here...hope it is a good day.