Rescue Journal

bedtime tails

Carol  ·  Nov. 29, 2007

bedtime around here is a very big deal. not just for the barn guys but for everyone else too. it is the time that i give yummy treats (stuffed with not so yummy pills) to the sickies. everyone else gets a cookie. i usually wander into everyone's space and give them a second of "good night sweetheart" bliss (i skipped the americats and bunnies last night cuz i had said good night to them earlier)

and then there is my bedtime...once everything is done, which sometimes takes longer than others. and when i am finally ready to climb in my bed, there is a whole army waiting anxiously to join me.

i grab faith and put her up on my pillows, i go and grab a clean blanket for my bed. i try to spread it out with cuddle's and george trying to bury themselves and ogidie trying to say hello instead. sweet pea is moaning and alternating screaming to be picked up faster please. tiger lily is waiting and clyde is rock hard stone-like with only his tail moving frantically. lexie and maude and harley are all trying to find the best bed on the floor and molly is running around hoping, but will be disappointed once more. lily hates to be picked up but she is happy once it is done and she is up, sweet pea gets lofted next and clyde always comes last (cuz he explodes with happiness once he gets there.) i finally climb in myself and turn off all the lights and tell molly to shut up because she is not coming up on the bed.

she then usually curls up with lexie. george buries himself as far under the blankets as he can and he growls and snarls as the others get comfortable and i worry that he might bite me in the leg by mistake. ogidie and faith take the pillows and sweet pea starts licking my shoulder and clyde puts his 5 pound feet on my throat and starts trying to suck out my eyeballs.

FINALLY everyone settles and clyde is asleep in my arms and julie slips in and climbs on my hip and i make sure oigide and sweet pea are covered up warmly.

sigh...silence is golden and sleeping animals are a gift and just as i start to drift off to sleep the washing machine start it's erroring i get up and re-start it and go thru the whole settling routine once again? or do i just fall asleep to beep, beep, beep?...which in the end is what i did.

this is why i might be having trouble actually waking up to my alarm anymore...beep, beep, beep is a noise that my brain has decided to ignore. i need an alarm that sound like an animal in distress cuz then i would wake up really fast.

everyone is sleeping still, and i better get off to work. they love their bedtime the very best, altho i personally find it alot of hard work.



except now i feel guilty so i caved last night to her ever hopeful little face..sigh, i did not sleep she knows that up on the bed is just as good as she thought...she will never shut up til she gets back there again...i am stupid.


NO!!! gawd that dog is a freaking night time nightmare...scratch, scratch, scratch, chew, chew chew, lick, lick lick, slurp, slurp, slurp, "i am going to turn this way, no... that way, oh i want to lay here...maybe over there is better... hi carol, whatcha doin...are you awake, don't you think i am cute?????"...she is lucky i let her sleep in the bedroom at all! (and the only reason i do is cuz if i didn't, she screams the house down til i go and get her.)....her incessent high pitched barking will shatter glass. she is a very spoiled little dog but she is NOT sleeping on the bed, the rest of us would kill her.


Carol, why will Molly be disappointed? Doesn't she get to come on the bed?