Rescue Journal

to the staff and volunteers of Best Friends

Carol  ·  Nov. 29, 2007

today in the mail, i received 2 different envelopes both from the people at Best Friends. Each contained a lovely card with many signatures and special notes. One card was to thank us for taking in the was so nice to see how much these cats were loved. but the other was a similarly signed sympathy card expressing their sorrow for our loss of rainbow.

i can't tell you folks how much those cards mean to me, sometimes it is a giantly large world of rescue...but your kindness in sharing a moment of loss with us, touched me very deeply.

and as a thank you for those special is your treat for tonight....

heidi brought dinner to share tonight so the americats had their first indoor saints picnic...and let me tell you sunrise's shyness dissipates as soon as warm chicken appears. he grabbed that chunk of chicken in his mouth and he growled while he wolfed that down. and all the rest enjoyed it too, especially sanjaya and ronnie. red got so excited he started to dart around and was doing summersaults on the scratching tree, and rock just called out when his piece disappeared for another delivery please. tiki was beside himself cuz he loves any kind of food but he loves fresh chicken the best.

when they were done (ok they weren't quite done, but we were), they all hit the door and misfit and charlie voiced their collective need and that chicken starved crew stared right at us hoping against hope that we might bring in a bit more.

apparently it is a tough kind of life being FeLV and homeless in an animal shelter.


Hillevi Dodson

Friends of the Pahrump kitties love to be able to keep up on their progress. I know that I check your blogs every day. I can imagine each and every Americat with their piece of chicken. I can even imagine them running around and bouncing off the walls from the excitement and joy. I think they have figured out that SAINTS is "home" and not a concentration camp. I think they realize that their home is everything they had ever dreamed of and more!

Reading the SAINTS blog has made my day more than once and today is no exception. I am smiling and laughing. I am also very sorry for your loss. Somehow I am sure that Rainbow did not cross the Rainbow Bridge alone and I hope that you take comfort in that.

I take comfort in knowing that these wonderful cats from the desert are now in a great home where they can finally be themselves and celebrate the simple pleasures of life: companionship, good food, and great humans.

Meow Meow, Carol and SAINTS.

Chris T

I did not remember that you hated that word Carol. How about chicken connisseur(sp)??

Chris T

ok, just so you know - the americats are NOT coming to our house because they love chicken. We already have one former SAINT chicken slut named Mabel. I think that is all we can handle!

I am glad to hear they had a nice night. They are great cats.