Rescue Journal

it is kind of hard to get anything done...

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2007

in 2 feet of snow. and it doesn't help that every single dog in the place is trying to follow me everywhere i go. i can't watch tv cuz the satellite is out.... i guess the snow fall is too thick and blocking the signal. and the room that has cable has no tv's (thx to maude and cole)

sooo...i am pushing thru laundry and watching sadie obscess over sweetpea...don't ask why she fusses so much but she thinks sweetpea needs to be fussed over. sweetpea just wants to have a nap without a great big worried whining nose checking her out every 10 seconds.

i guess i could clean off the kitchen counters but i would rather curl up with a blanket and a bunch of dogs and cats on a quiet snowy sunday afternoon and watch an old movie on tv.