Rescue Journal

i do not feel well this morning

Carol  ·  Dec. 5, 2007

it must be payback for trudging around in 2 feet of wet snow and slush and then pouring rain for 3 days. i feel like every single hurt the animals have, settled into my body overnight. sigh...hopefully that means that at least for today, they all feel pretty good.

sweet pea's reproductive cancers must be giving off that interesting hormonal scent because not only is sadie pre-occupied with her but cuddles and george just won't leave her alone.

i wrapped her up in fleeces and kept her with me thru out the night and i am trying to think of where to leave her today when i go to work so they don't bug her to death....i guess she can hang out with corky, bernie and washington in my animal-free den.

i think raymond has been on his meds long enough to have noticed whatever improvement might be, but since he is still peeing alot, i don't see any miracles happening with him. and i have not heard back from the lady who found him that was considering taking him home, so i guess raymond, mr pee-alot's hope for a home just sunk (probably in a puddle of pee)

i don't know why i kid myself, the main reason any animal does not find homes is incontinence...senior or otherwise. and the really sad thing is even those of ours who are continent, have difficulty finding a home from here (i think everyone assumes if they come to saints, they leak...true for many but certainly not for all)

i am sending 2 of the little guys (faith and george) to a rescue on the island that i have worked with before. i know their standards of committment are as good as mine and they have homes waiting for little (and contintent guys)

this is hard fior me to do, because i lose that ultimate control. and my control issue is a good thing for keeping them safe for the rest of their lives...but, this time i have to because these dogs have no reason not to be a good home quickly...except maybe saints gives them a stigma of incontinence and ill health, that these particular two don't deserve.

ahh it sucks to have to send off your adoptable animals to someone else to get them a home in a reasonable amount of time. please whoever up there, watch out for them, cuz i am about to lose that right.

rescue sucks in thousands of ways.



Hope you're not really, really sick, cuz we haven't heard from you in a while. Hmmmm.. Get Well Soon, Diane