Rescue Journal

so where are they now?

Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2007

kathy came to help me today...and i soared thru the barn, americats, rabbits, big dogs and errands (except i forgot to buy straw...shit!)

i had a few minutes so i sat with frodo in the multi-purpose room with him purring on my chest and i started walking down that memory lane.

where are the ones who came with me from my old life to this new one? where have they all gone? i made a mental list....

marilla (deceased)

clover (saints)

the fruit loop trio (saints)

murphy (deceased)

the two survivng box babes (adopted)

dixie chick (saints)

beaver (adopted)

ogidie (deceased)

Pause (my cat..deceased)

Julie ( me)

Jessica (deceased)

Hickory (deceased)

Louise (deceased)

Wee Hopeful Bug (deceased)

Romeo (deceased)

Panda Bear (deceased)

Frodo (saints)

Copper (saints)

Jesse (deceased)

Jazz (deceased)

Tyra ( dog)

Tally ( dog)

Sophie (deceased)

Bill (deceased)

Wilbur (deceased)

wow....that made me sad.