Rescue Journal

bits from last night

Carol  ·  Dec. 12, 2007

ellie once again came across the field on her knees...god i wish she wouldn't do pierces me right thru the heart. the vets are coming again on friday.

sweet pea had a tough night...her stomach was upset and she had explosive diarrhea everywhere.

clyde and phoebe played quietly together in one of the beds for more than an hour...they just layed there chewing on each other. it was one of the few times that both of them were utterly relaxed, happy, and when they both looked at me, their eyes and everything else about them said...i am a normal happy dog.

buddy keeps picking fights with raymond...he might be sorry one day if he doesn't give that dog a break.

chicklet has a home...she is going to live with a very nice senior lady on friday. sigh..oh how quiet will be my world without chicklet?

i FINALLY cleared the voice mail and returned all the calls from the past week...i need my hand slapped...but in the evenings when i am tired, i just do not want to deal with the phone. anyway, the mail box is empty again so people can once again leave messages for me to not return for days on end. it is a vicous circle.

OOOOHHHHH! and mo just phoned now...harley has a home with mo's best friend!!!! yay harley! yay sheila and corey! guys are going to absolutely LOVE each other!



Chicklet AND Harley?? OMG! That's great! I will miss my Harley pal though!!


One of the very best things about Harley's new home is that I will continue to see her & she will come with me on walks with my dogs.

Love hearing about Clyde & Phoebe ... it makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside.... or perhaps it was the Baileys in my coffee, either way ... it's a good feeling.

Francesca Wilson

Lovely news for both Chicklet and Harley - two new owners are very lucky to have adopted two such wonderful dogs. Carol thank you for Sunday - Don and I enjoyed it a lot and feel lucky to be associated with Saints and you.
Happy Christmas