Rescue Journal

my favorite image from today

Carol  ·  Dec. 12, 2007

32 yr old gideon grazing down in the lower pasture suddenly starts cantering up the path along the pond, heading for the upper field by way of the barn. clyde was standing in the middle of the path and took one look at the thundering horse heading right for him and began running as fast as he could (in the exact same direction) while periodically looking over his shoulder, hoping against hope that the horse was not gaining on him....which he was.

you know exactly what was going thru his mind..."holy shit that white horse in the turquoise coat is chasing me" when in fact good ole blind gideon just happened to running along the same route, totally oblivious to the terrified and fleeing clyde. i laughed...all clyde had to do was turn right...but he just kept running straight...full speed ahead....i think i noticed a few grey hairs on poor little clyde tonight.

harley has gone home...we will consider the first couple of weeks as a trial and see how she does. wesley rockstar had that suspicious mass removed from his foreleg and his spinal xrays today...nicole will get the xray results tomorrow and we will have to wait a few days for the preliminary biopsy reports. he is continuing to hang out at nicole's while he recovers.

the dogs all had some pizza tonight (and so did i)...we are all feeling pretty darn happy about that.