Rescue Journal

i wish...

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2007

i thought my new moniter had crapped out...but only a cord knocked loose, whew.

ellie stayed in the barn again today...she was good at noon, but back on her knees tonight. the vets come tomorrow. i am tied up inside over her.

sigh...TG is taking hits again (yvette wrote on her blog after receiving a ton of dumping calls that spay/neuter was not the answer, responsible pet guardianship was what was needed...this could have made an interesting discussion because the issues are complex)...i am not even going to bother trying to defend them this time...why bother? they have rescued more than 4000 animals over the years (and spayed/neutered them too)...that is their real defence. there are those of us out here that care about one thing only...animals being is cheap, judgement is even cheaper, put them both together and that is get what you pay for i suppose...but 4000 animals? that has real value to me....everything else is just noise.

i wish for so many things...i wish ellie would walk right, i wish sparky didn't lose her home, i wish sadie and dexter had longer to live, i wish i could work a four day work week, i wish the days would get longer again and i wish people would try to be more forgiving...(especially of what is written on rescuer's blogs)



There will always be people who have too much time on their hands, too little understanding of reality, too much bitterness, unkindness and self-importance in their souls, too little compassion, too much unchecked ego.
Turtle Gardens is under attack. That sucks. Turtle Gardens is under attack by people who claim to be part of the Rescue community. That sucks more.


The BW rescue board is pretty small potatoes compared to what is being said on the other BC rescue board. It breaks my heart to see rescue folks talking like that. It only makes everyone involved in rescue look shoddy. I have dumped that one off my computer as I really felt ill to my stomach having read it yesterday. Carol I am sure at times you have just wanted to walk away and I am sure the Yvette and Dave right now feel the exact same thing. But they feel they can't for the dogs a dear friend of mine who has done rescue for many years can be cut throat and dirty and not very pretty. thank God it reaps such wonderful rewards...


I think Yvette can say anything she damn well pleases, 4000 animals does speak for itself.
TG and SAINTS are the only forumns I read now pretty much, I don't have time for the ineffective banter of you know what:)