Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 15, 2007

sheila and i are going to turtle gardens next thursday...we are flying out in the morning and flying home the same evening and i am so excited to be getting a real vacation!!!! that is just about long enough away for me to start freaking out and worrying about home and as far as i am concerned, any vacation that is not stuffed full of animals is just a waste of my time. my last vacation i spent working at Best Friends for 2 weeks and had a great time!

the purpose of the visit is more than that tho...i think as rescuers we need to spend time with each other just so we don't go crazy and feel so utterly alone. and of course according to the gospel of rescue my opinion on anything related to TG is absolutely worthless because i have not been there. i can fix that!....i just love killing three (proverbial, not real) birds with one stone. (and just in case the gospel of rescue wants to know who is paying for our flights...i am paying for mine and sheila is paying for hers...might as well kill that rumour before it starts)

i had such a crappy day at was THE worst shift of my entire life. but i came home and snuck in to clean the americats (they were REALLY happy to see me but little ronnie has a bit of a cold in his eye) and the bunnies (who were only interested in their fresh hay)... the dogs did not even know i was home (ha ha...i love when i can sneak past 20 some odd dogs). when i was finished out there i came in and said hello to everyone and then headed straight out to the barn. everyone was so very good tonight and i noticed that percy's back is the same height as jeanette's now...our baby is growing up. and of course, ellie walked into the barn on all four feet and had a wonderful temper tantrum...she did not wound me tonight. she is such a very good pig!

then i headed back into the house and made guacamole chips and extra forte cheese all melted nicely in the microwave...i threw in a load of laundry and poured a glass of CHILLED red wine and i am feeling quite pleased with myself.

my neighbors dog is here for a couple of weeks while they are away. their son borrowed him this afternoon and just brought him home right now. his name is lokie and he is a very nice dog and he came back in wagging his tail and saying hello. he is such a good boy too!

so for all of my utterly crappy, horrible day at work today, i am quite happy now i am home. i hope tomorrow is better and i am sure that it will be because mostly i really do love my job.

soooo...if any saints volunteers are free on thursday morning, afternoon or early evening (while i am out galavanting) to pop in and keep on top of the beasts...i would sure appreciate knowing that everyone here is in your wonderful and safe hands.



Carol I will definitely be able to make it out on Thursday- day off. Might even bring Timmy Ho's. Just maybe.


Thank you Carol for all your caring and taking a look for yourself... I believe there is always 2 sides to a story.... and you are gonna give the unbiased other side



Thank you and Sheila for making the trip to TG, I'm sure I'm not the only one with concerns for Yvette, Dave and Stan.

Bless you