Rescue Journal

the complaint department

Carol  ·  Dec. 15, 2007

good lord....could they just chill out please.

corky has just finally finished giving me shit for not coming home at lunch and changing her food and water. AND she has picked out even more feathers so i know for sure how pissed off she is. i promised i would clean her cage on my lunch break tomorrow and gave her some treats so she is currently alternating between muttering and feeling sorry for herself while she stuffs her face but at least she has stopped that gawd awful screaming.

clyde is a puke. he is pissed cuz lokie is here and he is even more pissed because tyra likes lokie and is already playing with him and absolutely will not play with clyde. and when i dared to kiss and ruffle with lokie's face clyde ran up and tried to bite him in the back. add that to the fact that clyde is pissing on 300 MORE things than he normally does, and i am quite right when i say that dog is a puke. he has only been cute for about 5 minutes tonight and that was when he was playing with phoebe on the couch.

the other puke tonight is could he please quit attacking brand new dogs...poor lokie...crazy clyde in the kitchen and buddy the ripper in the cat room. throw in carly the pitbull who just has to yell at him thru her royal gate, and i am quite surprized this dog can still find the good will to wag his tail...but he can.

he is a cross between a basenji and a pitbull and he is one of the cutest and sweetest dogs i have ever met. plus because of his basenjiness...he doesn't bark either.

i am thinking of doing basenji rescue...i think that would be a quieter way to go.

updates on the recently adopted...

harley's new family adore her.

chicklet's new family report that they are all having a blast.

pat the cat is a catnip freak

and i haven't heard anything on faith and george in the past couple of days.

bet those guys aren't flooding the complaint dept.

oh and final update on the ringworm situation...i just black lighted further patches light up just a few dandruff flakes floresc here and there...she has generalized new hair i think one more bi-weekly treatment and then a couple of months of monthly treatments and we are clear. so far none of the current resident dogs have shown any signs.


Eileen Brennand

Hi Carol, Just a line to wish you and all of your volunteers a Very Merry Xmas and New Year! We have enjoyed reading your daily happenings, though very sad when you have had to lose some of your beloved pets!Who are the wonderful caring pet lovers who give the animals some of their time? I would like to know a little about them, their background , and in what capacity they give their help. There must be lots of work needed to attend all of the different animals you have. Our thoughts and best wishes to you and your volunteers.
Sincerely Eileen and Jim . Regina