Rescue Journal

all's well that ends well

Carol  ·  Dec. 16, 2007

jeanette went down this afternoon..greg called me at work and i rushed home. she is up again so everyone relax but it is quite an interesting story.

cathy was here grooming the horses and she noticed jeanette laying in the loafing shed in the main field crying out sadly. she wasn't sure if anything was wrong or not until the farm animals started to become distressed.

carl decided to help jeanette, but he helped her in his own twisted llama way...he thought the way to comfort her was to climb up on top of her and lay on her....not helpful carl.

then ellie decided that the last time jeanette was was ellie the super pig who got her to her ellie rushed in and grabbed her ear (TWICE!) but jeanette could still not get up.

finally greg and cathy shoved and pulled and turned her around into a better position and after a few minutes, jeanette climbed to her feet which just shows you that sometimes humans are smarter than llamas or pigs.

cathy said jeanette had a single tear on her face....god i hate it when that cow cries.

anyway we all tucked them in for the night, greg went home and cathy and i went out for all ends well at saints tonight...thank you both for helping jeanette when she was in trouble, she is a very lucky telling what ellie and carl's next helping ideas might have been.


Chris T

It is amazing the bonds that animals make with each other. Who would think that a pig and a llama would even notice a cow in distress let alone try and help in their own ways.