Rescue Journal

and the real part of rescue

Carol  ·  Dec. 18, 2007

is about the animals. it is about my good news today. i left ellie in the barn this morning because she was back down on her knees. i asked trina to check on her later in the morning and see if after her morning pain meds, she felt well enough to want to come outside...well she did.

i came home at lunch time with a load of shavings to unload and there in my field and riding ring was the best-est farm crew in the entire world.

percy started bucking and romping and circling my van...he LOVES giant tonka toys and anything that might be inside.

ellie's little tulip nose was poised right in the center of my vans silver hood. i saw it squishing and wiggling and testing to see if i was in there too. and then she used the bumper for a good long scratch and i bounced up and down to the rhythm of 500 pounds of itchy princess pig.

and there in that moment surrounded by "right," the happiness that i usually feel came back where it was supposed to be.

ok so it didn't last that long, i got upset again later in the day. but i am ok again, sweet pea is on my lap and sadie is crushing my feet.

people lie folks....they will steal this possibility away from the animals without a second thought and all the while preaching that they are trying to save them..... whatever...i have met so many liars in my life...a wise woman is right...clyde's seizures are blessed relief.

i am going to try to find that light in rescue again...that one that is pure and clean and if i get lost along the way..ellie will help lead me home.