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being kind of political here

Carol  ·  Dec. 19, 2007

so....i just got home from work (thank you greg for putting the barn guys to bed!) and i have to leave to pick up sheila at 4 am...ouch.

you know...this trip is such a political hot potato. do you know what horrible, shameful, cowardly thought i had late last night?...let it go...don't put saints or yourself at risk....good thing i don't listen to well cuz now i am ok again...whew, that was scary. are you ever afraid that one day you will wake up and not be yourself anymore? i suppose i could wake up and be someone better tho too....that would be good.

there have been some relatively strong and consolidated statements on the rescue boards that it doesn't matter what sheila and my perspectives happen to be, no one will listen, and no one will care because everything has already been decided and all the right judgements have been made. we are just wasting our time and our money.

ok then, nice to know in advance that all doors and windows in all the minds of the entire rescue world have been slammed shut and locked up tight and then boarded up for good measure, i wish i had that kind of power....except...isn't it kind of dark and stuffy in there?

gee, if i had known that door to understanding was locked and chained...i could have stayed in bed til the sun came up....except then i would have missed something that is important to me...supporting and promoting and respecting the work of rescuing animals in need.

i am so looking forward to this trip and learning some more things to help me grow in my own understanding of the challenges in rescue, esp that in the north....yvette put on the kettle for tea, i am bringing the cookies and lets share a few stories. i will tell you about ellie mae.



Carol, I am very glad you're going. I trust your judgement and think that you are a fair and honest person. I'm also hoping that when you come back all of us (rescues and us volunteers) can sit down and come up with workable solutions that will help TG and those poor animals in that area. I do think that is what Kelly and Bev have been trying to do, help the animals, but for some reason things have gotten out of hand.
I'm very grateful you're going!!


Not all the minds in the rescue world are slammed shut, Carol. I, for one, am very glad you and Sheila are making the trip. Having lived in the NWT for 3 years (in fact, that's where I first rescued an abused dog because there was no where else for him to go) I know life in the north faces VERY different challenges than life down here.
No matter what is/has/will occur at TG, both the animals and the people up there need our support. If the allegations are true, then they need our support to make the necessary changes. And if the allegations are false, they need our support to weather the storm. And you and Sheila have different experiences (from one another and from TG), which can lead to some great brainstorming re whatever struggles they are facing.

Have a safe trip.

Carol i ever have have a critical list...but cleo is the only one on it!


hey Carol,

I hope you have a very good trip!

I was planning on coming out on friday or saturday to drop some stuff off for you and say hi to everyone. Does anyone need a bath while I am out there?