Rescue Journal

sadie passed away this afternoon.

Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2007

she had a massive, aggressive malignant tumour. we have been able to manage her pain control quite well with 40 mg of tramadol BID....until this morning. i woke up to sadie's soft crying. i gave her 50 mg of tramadol and repeated it again just before noon. it helped a bit but not enough and i could see that she still was in pain. i called the vets to check on their open hours next week because i did not want sadie to be caught in a pain crises without immediate didn't look good, everyone fully booked on monday and then the clinics were closed on tuesday and wednsday. i decided to let her go today.

angelina came with me and helped to make her passing so soft and gentle and warm.

sadie no longer is in pain anymore and sadie will be forever a very great dog.

rest in peace sweetheart.

nicole when you have a minute, can you post a pic of our girl, (we all have been so busy that she isn't on the site yet) i would like people to see her lovely, gentle face. thx.



Sadie was a wonderful dog.. I'm glad I had the chance to meet her & i wish she's have had more time . Rest peacefully Sadie .


Carol, may God ease your pain and heal your heart. I know that He has blessed Sadie and that she is all of the dog you would want her to be. Run wild and play free, Sadie.


Aw, Sadie, I'm sorry that you had such a short time to enjoy life at Saints. You were a lovely girl; run free sweet Sadie.


Oh Carol, you take such good care of your SAINTS. Bless you, and Bless Sadie too.