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christmas at saints...

Carol  ·  Dec. 25, 2007

is pretty much like any other day, it is long and it is alot of work. thank you greg for the barn and thank you lynn for the house and the rest of the stuff i managed to get thru.

the only difference with christmas compared to a different day is i escaped from work both here and at my job, to spend an extended lunch break with my family. we had a great dinner and we all had great fun and we hardly ever get to spend time all together. i miss that.

and the gifts that i got were just what i wanted and asked for...tons of nice smelly things to enjoy my hot baths, tons of softie things to wrap myself in when i am finally done for the night.

there were two gifts tho that i have to tell you about. one was a talking book CD of marley and both of my daughters know that i have that book and have had it forever...but i have never actually read it because it is simply too hard to concentrate on a good read around their answer to this was a talking book that i can listen to as i fart around. how smart is that ?!!

the other gift is worrying me fell into my very soft and comfy criteria...except, i think it is too much responsibilty for me and i will wreck daughter bought me a beautiful cashmere sweater. it is so very soft, it almost feels like warm silk...she said don't worry, she bought the same one for herself and all i have to do is gently hand wash it and lay it flat on a towel to dry...hmmm, so lets be honest here...that freaking ain't never going to happen around here and even if it did some cat would think it was their bed and there goes my nice soft sweater. she said if i couldn't handle it, i could return it but then i would have to return to THE MALL....and everyone knows how i feel about that.

so i have decided the best way to deal with this problem that she has handed to me on xmas day, is this...i will only wear it when i am going to her house and i will take an extra flannel shirt with me too. that way when we are finished looking nice, i can change and leave the sweater for her to hand wash and lay flat! she apparently already knows how to do this.

well methinks it is time for a nice hot pleasantly odourous bath! ( son and his partner got me enough grapefruit smelly stuff to last me right until next is my favorite, YAY!)



You are way too funny Carol! You made me laugh at the anxiety you put into the ownership of ONE sweater haa haa. I'm glad you were able to catch a little time with your family and hope that you have been able to work out the dilema of the sweater lol! A picture of your animals by the fireplace with you on the couch wrapped up in a warm snuggly blankt, would be such a lovely Christmas picture.

Take care - Have a quiet Boxing Day and a lovely 2008!