Rescue Journal

i am sorry for not posting sooner

Carol  ·  Dec. 27, 2007

swinger died at 3:30 today. i called the vet and asked her to come back and let him go, he went peacefully. greg and mo were here too and i think swinger knew he was well loved.

i am not going to beat myself up over this, he was seizuring from having a stroke and he could very well have stroked because i left the chicken feed out.

but in the end, the only thing important now is that swinger spent the last of his 32 years driving me insane and outsmarting me and feeling my tears on his face when he finally left this life. i think he was happy at saints and i am glad about that and i think for the only time in his life it was ok for him to just be swinger.

i will miss my 1500 pound doornob, who in the barn will torment me now?



so sorry to read this Carol.
(((((((((((((((((((hug for you))))))))))))))))))))))


Run free Swinger - You may have been a doorknob but you were well loved.


Rest in peace Swinger you will be missed because you are loved. I am so sorry Carol!