Rescue Journal

ahhh, yes again (the evil bird)

Carol  ·  Dec. 29, 2007

gawd nicole that made me laugh yet again cuz you are right, i did forget, i thought when i saw you had posted a comment that you were going to say you had a nice day too!

so apparently nicole is afraid of birds and i did not know this. and mo was out working her ass off in the barn. i was cleaning out corky's cage and letting her crawl all over me just like she likes to do best.

nicole comes into the kitchen and yells that mo wants a hot chocolate and baileys delivered so i tell her to come and share a warm and fuzzy with corky while i take care of mo.

now nicole is a brave girl, she comes on in and doesn't say a word as i transfer corky to her shoulder. in less than one second, nicole is screaming because corky is literally piercing her ear and as nicole put her hand up to protect herself, corky slices open her finger.

ooops, i thought corky was sweet, she has never done anything mean to me. i grab her back and put her in her cage and look at nicole's bloody, that bird is fast. and i have to say that i was laughing, (i am sorry nicole, i have been under alot of stress lately.) that naked parrot is not much bigger than a budgie but holy shit she is apparently a vicious bloodthirsty little beast and i just never saw that side of her. of course after the fact when it isn't much help, trina and lynn tell me that she had bitten them and they thought i knew that corky was a true blue, complete and utter hag.

anyway, i apologised to corky for upsetting her and i apologised to nicole for getting hurt by my evil bird.

i think clyde might have a kindred spirit living here now. and i do still think the rest of the day went quite well.

how are your war wounds tonight nicole? i hope you are feeling better. i promise no more parrot sitting for any of the volunteers.



remind me one day to tell you of my families seagull rescue should add those suckers to your afraid of list too.


it's not that i'm afraid of all birds. i like chickens, pigeons, little canary-type birds and even crows, but it's the ones that attack i'm afraid of, like parrots.
my finger wound is fine, but my ear really does look like I let a crazy (or drunk) person try to pierce it.
now that it got some atttention on the blog it is feeling a little better.