Rescue Journal

one more day and 2007 is done and today is almost finished now too.

Carol  ·  Dec. 30, 2007

some of the americat's colds are returning...sanjaya, merlin and ronnie. they have been off the antivirals for almost a month so i actually think they have done really well. i like to give them med holidays periodically...A because their food tastes better and they like that and B. so we don't wear out their effectiveness when we don't need it.

they remain on the suppliments like vetamino and immune boosters but i stop the naturopathic antiviral meds and they only get traditional antibiotics if they start to go downhill and the other stuff doesn't bump them back up. is a bit of a juggling act but it works if you keep on the ball.

all of those cats are doing quite well tho except they are probably going to kill me one day. it is getting increasingly hard to move around in there with 11 cats all underfoot when you are trying just to sweep the floor. the 12th cat is sunrise and he is always out now but he is not interested in hanging out under my feet...he is just waiting for lunch.

the barns guys are all settled, they took swingers death well, they knew he was in trouble and probably figured out where it was going a few hours before i was ready to go there. ellie likes her new house and tunie is quite happy too.

the dogs and the cats and the rabbits and chickens are all doing quite fine. dexter remains our miracle man, the dog who just refuses to die. and i swear to gawd that if mugsy doesn't learn to express his happiness in some other not so loud and constant way i will ban him from field runs cuz he is going to piss the neighbors off with his yelling his fool head off 3 times a day.



all the americats get a lysine suppliment every day emma but thanks for checking cuz not everyone knows how great that stuff really is just for keeping URI symptoms under control.


Have you tried sprinkling L-Lysine capsules on the americats food? It's good for snuffles and other symptoms.


oh linda this is so interesting because a small percentage of felv cats can eventually fight off the disease and develop immunity (except i don't know if they were to remain continually in an active felv colony if eventually their immune systems would fail again.) the other thing that is kind of interesting but not such happy news is there is some suggestion of the possibility that if felv migrates into the bone marrow and completely out of the blood stream...they are no longer contagious and start to test negative but they remain terminally ill. these cats are lethargic and not well tho from acute anemia and bone marrow depletion so it is easy to see that they are still sick.
i have been thinking of retesting some of the americats like aladdin, misfit, charlie and the rock, those guys just scream rock solid healthy...mosley and and red i can't quite decide about and sanjaya, sunrise, ronnie, albus, and tiki...they are just seem pretty healthy sick, and merlin, well he most definately is compromised, keeping him reasonably healthy is a real challenge.
thx for the good wishes,,feel free to ask whenever you want an americat update!


Thanks for the update on the Americats. I check in daily, but seldom comment. I'm sorry for your recent heartbreaks, and am so glad there are people like you around. We had something of a miracle here, actually two - two of the cats that tested positive for FELV in the beginning, have now come back negative. Go figure, and they have been living with all the other FELV cats. We are going to test a third cat next week, because he looks so healthy. My husband and I delivered 9 of my FELV babies to Shadowcats in Austin, Texas earlier this month, and all are doing well. Thank you again for all you have done. Bless you, and have a great 2008.



he has been way too happy if you ask, right from about day 3...he is lucky he has such a very great face cuz he might fill up my eyes and my heart but he hurts my freaking ears.