Rescue Journal

i was right, mugsy was hiding something in the cold icky doorless room

Carol  ·  Jan. 1, 2008

thank you to kathy for getting to the frail guys extra feeding and tammy for the americats and bunnies...i honestly thought i could get thru it all on my own before my shift started...not.

mugsy is no longer snarly tonight because i stole his stash of dead rats while he was out playing in the barn. yes it was plural and yes it was the beginnings of a stash...that bugger had 2 rats lined up in the cold, icky doorless room..looked like a mom and babe and i am pretending that i don't know who murdered whom.

rats love farms with chickens...lots of free available feed, but mugsy lives on this farm so it might be a good idea if they go live somewhere else. i just saw rattatouie and now i have a thing about rats, and i would prefer that they live a good long life elsewhere, like paris, where they can become chefs. and i already did rat population control this year and i don't want to have to do it ever again. and why the hell doesn't someone invent something they can ingest that sterilizes them so they can't breed then i wouldn't care if a few decided to live here and share the chickens feed.

all is well at saints tonight (except now i am worrying about murdering innocent mass reproducing rodents) and i am more tired than i have ever been before. i just need to get thru this week and next and then i am taking a couple of weeks of vacation from my paid job so i have more time to work here for free...hmmm, that doesn't sound very smart...everyone else vacations on tropical islands, maybe i should worry about that.



The driveway is still in place! Sure is a bugger if it snows though, I just park near the bottom and walk up. It only took me getting stuck 4 times to figure out not to even try to get up the hill in the snow! I've dug in some "speed bumps" by spinning my tires.... lol!


ok well, not sure a mom bobcat and babes is a great idea around here but maybe mugsy will scare them all away.
how is this winter up there that driveway still there or did it wash away again? i thought we built better than it was.


Carol, have I got a rat story for you! Of course you know I'm living at the old SAINTS site. Well, we had a couple of bird feeders up and it was pretty cute when a couple of rats would come and have a snack. Well, it was cute right up until 2 rats literally became DOZENS. I took photos of dozens of rats and rat babies coming to chow down! I couldn't believe it! Hubby wanted to go the poisoning route. I said no way and bought a live trap. It turns out rats are smarter than squirrels because I kept catching squirrels and the rats avoided the trap like the plague! We never had to poison the rats (thank goodness). Just when it looked like poison was our only way to deal with it, a mom bobcat and her 2 half grown cubs took up residence and the rat problem ceased within a week! Amazing how nature works sometimes.... haven't had a problem since!