Rescue Journal

i just finished a very nice hot bath

Carol  ·  Jan. 5, 2008

and no one will care about this all that much, except i had company. sweet pea has turned into an absolute frantic stalker, god forbid i close a door between her and me, so i left the door open. it was after 10 pm, i wasn't expecting any more company.

an open door is an open door and the guys around here just love open doors. so if you can picture my bathroom which has about 3x3 floor space... washington as usual hung out on the side of the tub. julie sat on the closed toilet seat getting fur on my clean towel. sweet pea was squawking and frantically trying to climb up and get into the tub with me. her shadow cuddles the poodle was standing behind her to offer moral support. maude is blocking the entire door so lexie cannot get in and it was clyde, right in the center of the bathmat, who took my breath away.

that dog is solid and tighter than a drum. every ounce of him is pulled tight and intense and uptight in total attention, ready to explode in a millisecond.

and there he sat in the middle of all those others, in that very small and crowded space, and he slouched over on his right hip like he hadn't a care in the world and closed his eyes for a brief rest while i was otherwise engaged.

i said to meaghan and nicole and zoe today, that he has come a very long way. and it suddenly hit me tonight in the bath that except for his seizures (and biting greg in the leg) he might actually be normal one day.



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