Rescue Journal

love song

Carol  ·  Jan. 5, 2008

well i am not going to sleep tonight so i think i will just write. and i am not going to write about rescue cuz that just makes me feel dirty right now.

so i am going to write about tyra who is sound asleep on the couch. and how much i love her and appreciate that she loves me too. tyra is my dog, and she has a big nose. she pokes out your eyes if you aren't careful cuz she also has big toes and big feet and she likes to use them.

phoebe adores her, she just has to get tyra to chase her. it is kinda like bungy jumping on phoebe's part because she makes tyra really mad. it is like that whole little sister big sister thing, with phoebe wanting her attention and tyra squishing her flat.

tyra has been in charge of the pack since she was a mere 7 months old. that was when she failed to protect me from that rotti attack. but she learned at that moment that she was in charge of the dogs and no one ever disputes it...not ben, not carly, not clyde, not even cleo, no one in the past 10 years...they all knew where she belonged and they walked softly around her.

and don't get me wrong here, she is not in the least bit a bully. just follow her rules and everyone will get along fine and don't upset her beloved carol.

i am starting to worry about her now tho. in a couple of months she will be eleven. and she is still strong and she is still powerful and she still commands enormous respect. but what will happen as she gets older?

i was thinking about this cuz i am not about to let some little upstart pissant start pushing her around when she can't nail them to the floor anymore. and it is abit of a worrisome thing.

tyra is my very best friend in the world, she out of everyone is my true partner in this. she has given up as much as i have, she has gone without so others can have. she is the reason i got involved with organized rescue because before that i just thought i was wierd.

how do you thank a dog for never abandoning your side? how do you ever pay that loyalty back? i suppose i can start by making absolutely sure that no one ever thinks for even one second that they can ever push her around.

please don't get old tyra, i love you. i can't do this on my own.





I was just starting to respond to your lovely post about Tyra when Pat started walking on the keyboard. I will leave his above post as is, from Pat