Rescue Journal

ok...back on line...sort of

Carol  ·  Jan. 8, 2008

i say sort of because i am trying to learn to use this new computer and it ain't that easy!
i cannot think deep thoughts while my fingers (two) try to do the walking thru this unfamiliar keyboard and set up.

so...i will confine myself to a couple of updates.

mugsy the rat killer, dug another rat out of the barn many are in there anyway???
since he was once again being a dick with a rat, he has taken over the icky,doorless room for the night. i will try to get it away from him tomorrow.

the three little poodles, sweet pea, tiger lily and cuddles got poofed and puffed by samantha, they look great, just like they should be riding around in someone's purse, i can't wait to get them out into the fields this weekend, i am not sure who they are anymore, i guess i am too used to scruffy poodles not poofy ones. thank you kathy for taking them and sam for making them look so nice and especially thank you for refraining from sticky bows in their hair! (the bandanas are adorable tho!)

james bond is an extremely cool cat. i like him alot. he is a bit sketchy with commotion going on, but when it is quiet,he is a doll. he is eating and drinking well and this makes me very happy because tossing the lives of 17 yr old cats upside down is a pretty tricky business.

little miss sunshine (the new 15 yr old cat in the bathroom) is not quite as easy. the first day she managed to squeeze down the holes surrounding the pipes under the sink and holed up under the bathroom cabinet. i was not relishing the thought of asking greg to pull out the cabinet out so we could get her back either. i just finished renovating that bathroom, i did not want to start tearing it apart again.
in the end, she came back up on her own for some canned food and has been hanging out in the bed under there but refraining from returning to the underworld.

little miss sunshine HATES me. if looks could kill, i would be dead. everytime i talk to her, she hisses at me and tells me to "F" off. i keeping telling her this is not my fault...i did not kidnap her, her dad got sick and needed a safe place for her to go.

she thinks i am lying. oh well she will eventually like took more than a year, and if that cat can learn to tolerate me little miss certainly can too.

packer managed his jetsetting well, he survived the flight and is currently checking out his new home. NOW i feel better, that whole shoving him in a crate at the airport and then into the cargo hold of plane really bothered me. sigh, one last necessary evil, packer, and now your dreams can finally come true.

i feel somewhat better. i don't feel so angry inside. i have been running my favorite cliches around in my head and that always cheers me up. you can almost always find a cliche to help you find the way, those cliche makers are pretty damn smart!

let sleeping dogs lie.
do unto others...
and this too shall pass.
distance makes the heart grow fonder.
when the going gets tough, the tough get going.
shop til you drop (i bought 2 new prs of jeans and 2 new sweaters yesterday, that cheered me up and no i did not go to the mall, i went to marks which has it's very own parking lot.)

it is quiet here without packer, that dog got active at the first whiff of any food. have a good life babe.



I'll take you up on Rocko's, Carol! I'll catch up with you in the next week or so while you're on holidays.


yes i want that deramaxx...that stuff is expensive!!! thx!!!...i will treat you to rocko's in exchange. is ok sam...we keep forgetting to take before and after pics at saints too...wait til you see the multipurpose no longer looks like a dark, floorless, junk filled garage!


Im so sorry Carol, I didnt take pics of "poofing". So sorry. Im a dummy, it slipped my mind.


You couldn't persuade Packer's new mom to take Copper, too eh? LOL

Carol, can you use some Deramaxx? I just a new bottle of 50 tablets for Belle (my 12 year old sheltie) for her arthritis. Unfortunately, she developed stomach/intestinal problems within a couple of days and can no longer take it. I can drop it off at Saints if it is any use to you, or stop by my place and pick it up if you wish.


great pic of packer..didn't you take any of the poodle poofing? we might still be able to get lexie to you, her pain issues are getting under control again.


They were all SO good for getting their hair "poofed"!! I am going to make time one of these days to come out and do Lexi for you, as well as whatever else you need while im there. Whoever adopted Packer, they sure are lucky! I thought he was the neatest dog. He sucked me in with his smile!


Mark's is the best! I can always find something that fits, and they have a great selection of "Dykewear"....plain Tees, checkered shirts, cargo pants. One stop shopping for the hip Lesbian.


I am sad for Clyde that Packer is gone. What about the terrible twosome!? But really though, it's wonderful that Packer has a new home. I can't wait to see the poodles! Hopefully they're still poofy and puffy this weekend:)

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

And here is my new favorite: Folks will know how large your soul is by the way you treat a dog....Charles F. Doran And Keep smiling - people will wonder what you are up to.


I am so glad Packer found a nice forever home. He is so cute. I hope you love your new home Packer.