Rescue Journal

trying to distract myself

Carol  ·  Jan. 9, 2008

i cannot get the imaginery image of the suffering of that murdered puppy out of my head. my god, how can a human being be so utterly monsterously and violently unfeelingly cruel?

and this is why we will never escape from rescue, we can't.

i hugged our little gollum dog, buddy. he is icky, he is gross, he is a little jerk and he is loved. clyde got upset when he peeked thru the cat room door and saw me kissing buddy. buddy is clyde's arch-enemy, he started screaming cuz he thought i should be kissing him instead.

mugsy is still hanging out in the icky doorless room, (with his deceased little buddy.) i failed at getting the dead rat away from him today. mostly because i was in a rush at lunch time and did not feel like getting bit. it was dark by the time i got home so sigh, i will for sure have to get it tomorrow. mugsy you are truly a pain in the ass.

little miss sunshine has not hissed at me today and she even sniffed at my hand before turning away. we are making progress, now instead of me being completely hateful, i have risen to ignorable instead.

greg got the donated kitchen corner cabinets installed in the multipurpose room...looking good now...i have big plans for vacationing in there and getting that room fully set up.
2 more days and counting til my holidays start, i am so just hanging by a thread til i get there. 48 hours and a giant sigh of relief and then they will be over way too quick.

nicole says she is not removing the comment approval, she does not trust us fully yet...sigh...hope she is not as hard to convince of our niceness as little miss sunshine is.



she came with the of the fruitloops name is i tagged her with LMS.