Rescue Journal

old cats getting older

Carol  ·  Jan. 11, 2008

toby and missy are dropping weight lately...they would be (according to their family at time of surrender 2 years ago) 19 and 20 years old. eddie's mouth is getting sore again, so he needs another depo injection, and i cannot remember how old he is, i would have to look him up. cuddles would be 17 now, he needs a grooming and a dental and however old harrison is now, he is starting to show his age too. endora will be 17 this year, stripe will be 21, hook and julie (both my cats) are getting older and frailer too.

i am going to ask the vets if we can do one assembly line visit...check ups and bloodwork for like a half a dozen cats or maybe i should just try to book a housecall visit.

i need to get some of the dogs in too...sweetpea and carly need follow up visits because i still think they both have UTI's and clyde needs his phenobarb levels checked and molly needs her thyroid levels checked again too (she is a snarling beast at the vets).

maybe i should just book one whole day in vet appointments and just get them all thru. plus i need the ag-west guys out here, sparkle's diarrhea is not any better. she has been wormed and cut back to bland, boring food and i don't see any improvement.

buddy and sissy each need a bath, and mugsy and cleo would benefit too. lexie needs grooming now that her pain is under control again and andy still has to wait til warmer weather.

i want to sort thru the linens and get rid of alot and replace it with our waiting fleeces, the multipurpose room needs organizing and setting up too. i want to dig thru the shelves and cupboards in the house and give everything a definite place to live cuz i think if we get organized the work will be easier and i am all for easier work. plus i am still not caught up on the animal files and that needs to be priority number 2 (after the vet runs)

one more day and counting and i get 2 whole weeks of only working one job!

looks like a very busy holiday, i wonder how much i will actually get thru.