Rescue Journal

nicole and zoe made today a rootbeer float saturday...mmmmm!

Carol  ·  Jan. 12, 2008

it is kind of warm and moist out there tonight...sort of like being in a zip lock bag, but much preferable to the pouring down rain. the barn guys all came in nicely and are all tucked into bed.

zoe brought me this great photo of is an artsy fartsy photo of the line of her forehead to a bit of dirt on her nose. you can see every hair on her and she looks real enough to touch but the best-est part is her one little eye, looking right at you. it makes me feel like she is right in here with me, watching me while i write. i love it....hi ellie!

and shelley brought me this wonderful photo of swinger this week too....she did something with filters and light and overlays (i think that is what she said) but you can see every single line of him so it looks like he is just standing there right in front of you. there is something hauntiungly beautiful about him in that moment...that is how i picture him in heaven (except with a cleaner coat)

i always wished i could take great pictures, but i can't even find my camera most of the time. i am so glad that nicole and zoe and shelley are here to document the special moments of the saints.

dexter's hip tumour is breaking further open, this is not good. i am going to have to give this some thought to keep it free from infection. sigh...he still is not ready to go, he is much too interested in living every single minute so i have to make sure he doesn't get sick before he is ready to go.

lexie did great at the vet. cuddles (the cat not the poodle) and missy and toby are booked in for monday and eddie and harrison and washington are booked in for thursday. i should get endora in too but i am afraid to take her in. sam nose dived after his trip to the vet, i am pretty sure he had his second mild heart attack when i took him in the last time. these cats are extremely sensitive about messing around with taking them scares the crap out of them. so right now she is eating and drinking and purring and peeing and pooping and happily living on the counter next to the sink. i think for an almost 17 yr old sensitive cat, we should just be happy with this for now.

nicole looked at the dog laying on my lap today, and said "who is that, did we get a new dog?"...nope that was sweet pea, hah! it threw her off as much as it did me!

sanjaya is better today...he just finished his third day of antibiotics...i will keep him on for another week and hopefully then get him back stable on a herbal routine again. charlie made me laugh today...he got three of his feet stuck to the side of the red chair. it took him some time to extricate himself and the contortions were pretty darn cute. albus got in to trouble...i pointed my finger right at him and told him to knock it off. he was chasing poor misfit around and she did not like that at all.

sweet pea, cuddles (poodle, not cat) and maude and i laid down for a 30 minute eyes were starting with that watery light thing, just before a migraine hits. i had a sandwich when i got up and a couple of tylenol and now it is gone so i am a happy camper and those dogs enjoyed the extra nap too.


Susan from Chicago

These pictures are so beautiful - everyone looks so happyliv ing in paradise! There is a great deal of hope for the future in these pictures - as long as the children are involved the animals will have futures.



great pics sam! remy!...dexter still looks like crap but he still doesn't care, and maude being the sweet maudie, not the screaming banchee. looks like percy was aiming for sucking off your neice's chin too, he is growing up, he doesn't do that anymore...i miss it.!


Here ya go:


you can post the link here sam...i am not sure where lynn and nicole are at with the forum...i just toss ideas out and let other people do the actual work!


Carol, I have some great pictures of the SAINTS crew from my open house visit. I want to show everyone but theres like 15 of them. I cant wait until you get you forum going so that I can post them there....or maybe I can post just the links here?