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do you know why rescuers are crazy?

Carol  ·  Jan. 13, 2008

because people like Dr. Phil make blanket statements like " people who invest everything they have into a animal are...."
are what?..... lonely? unfulfilled? unable to connect with people? form lasting relationships? insert crazy?

it pisses me off, and to prove his point he brings a wierd woman with a chihuahua and a bad marriage onto his show.

it doesn't make me crazy cuz Dr. Phil says i might be makes me crazy because he says stupid things like that on TV.

Dr. Phil and Oprah have a responsibility not to trivialize issues simply for mass rating approval. They have a responsibility not to treat the viewing audience like some kind of silly, superficial non thinking doorknob who might be unaware of the real issues but might still appreciate hearing the whole truth and not just the mass entertainment part.

animal/human relationships are entering a whole new that is based on respect for another equally important species. it is not about pretty pink sweaters, or how much we carry someone smaller that us around, it is about respecting another species...and still seeing that dogs are in fact dogs and not our missing children, that cats are not simply entertainment for UTUBE, that cows and chickens and pigs feel fear and pain when we shove them into tiny spaces for their entire weeks long life and then murder them with even more fear and terror because it is cheap.

it is about PETA who calls themselves :"people for the ethical treatment of animals" mass murdering shelter animals because they don't think animals should be pets, apparently they are better off dead.

how about instead of cloaking the issues behind a chi in a pink coat or behind a bunch of political terrorist rhetoric and activity...Dr Phil, maybe looks at some basic issues? life in general, what it actually means and who it belongs to, and what we as a society can do to make it more fair and less unkind?

this is why rescuers are crazy, cuz Dr. Phil is a dolt.



What about her other dog. The one that wasn't her son. They didn't mention how he/she was being treated. That was my concern. He was so cute but how must he feel with all the attention going to the son?


sorry...i didn't mean the woman wasn't odd...i meant that the show made animal human relationships shameful...he took an extremist on public tv and said..."this is wrong" isn't 99% of everything else humans think is ok regarding animals too. he chose to present one biased side which is unfair to the millions of people who struggle each day because they do love their animal more than some human...probably because they lucked out and found a great animal but have so far not met an equally appealing human. in any case....instead of looking at the issue of human/animal bonding and fairly exploring both extremes...ignored chained starving dog...pampered pink little poof ball and presenting the middle ground which respect for not only our relationships with animals but the animals intrinsic selves too is critical to both parties wellbeing.


That would be a good idea, but Dr. Phil already mentioned he rescued his own dog (awesome) but the topic of the show had nothing to do with rescue. Something to do with unhealthy behaviors in people in general...i think, i only caught part of the show. I felt really badly for that dog. What a burden to place on his shoulders. Human dysfunction!


"Dr Phil' would never come to SAINTS decause SAINTS isn't about a 60 minutes ratings-grab fix, it's about slowly making lasting change (which is what good - and real - Psychologists do).
The guy is a nutbar, and from what I've heard about his program, it's similar to an old time carnival freak show...Jerry Springer with a few more bells and whistles.
I hope Dr. Phil doesn't share his home with companion animals.


why not invite Dr.Phil out to SAINTS? And while he's here he can visit some other rescues too. Give him an idea what real rescue is all about.

Lynn P

Pink coat on her 'son'? Pink in winter even - c'mon woman winter colours!!!! (snorts) .. goes in and hides all Penny's pretty coats and sweaters.

Kidding aside, I didn't watch the show - the idea of it made me too angry. Seeing a wonderful little dog with her teeth almost rotted out of her head by someone's supposed kindness at not feeding her anything hard I just couldn't watch it after seeing the commercials saying she was prechewing her dog's food.

I think Dr. Phil should be invited up to see what real rescue is about - to see the heart and soul of what really caring for animals is about - he needs to meet you Carol!


Lol...I watched that show yesterday. Sorry, but IMO, that woman was a nut. I thinking treating the dog that way...ooohh..his feet must never touch the ground, and ooohh, he is my son??? C'MON!!


I watched that show too - seemed like a waste of an hour when bigger and different issues could have been addressed. Send your comments in to the show! of course the chances of getting anything other than a standard response would be slim wouldn't it?