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life with a great dane (cross)...

 ·  Jan. 13, 2008

isn't fair.
Wesley just stole 1/2 a package of brie cheese of my table. Unfortunately for him, he thought the wrapper was the prize and was chewing on that while I came and grabbed the cheese (no, i didn't eat it, I gave it to Sandy and Wesley got a little bit)
I get the last laugh though, Sandy peed on his head today on our walk. How you ask?
He always likes to smell what she is peeing on (she marks as often as a male dog) and he cleverly put his buckethead down to smell the lamppost and Sandy marked his head instead of the lamppost.

Bad dog:



Wes does look sorry for what he did. I am so happy he got a home. Gongrats to both.

Chris T

Yes and he thinks if he can reach it, it is his. Not to mention hinm schnoffling all over your food with that big black head. Well, I use other adjectives as well but we will keep this a 'family' rated blog!!!


Huh! A Great amateur! Try living with an immature Newfoundland Dog whose chin just rests at table or counter height. Then go back to the immature part. Kiefer is a consumate counter surfer. Duuuuude.


Great picture, Nic! He looks truly remorseful. :)

I too have a peeing story. When Jack and Mavi are in the backyard together, Jack feels the need to mark where Mavi has gone. Only sometimes it happens simultaneously, which means that Jack pees all over Mavi. Mavi just stands there peeing and looking helpless.


you left cheese on the table with wesley rockstar in the house? and you thought he would do what?
nicole.... success at saints means we help them to become self actualizing individuals...yay rocky, he self actualized!
i would be slightly prouder if he didn't stick his head in someone else's urine stream.