Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 16, 2008

i have got to get rid of that giant mirror in the cat room...i just freak myself out in the morning if i catch a glimpse of myself...when the hell did i get old? i still feel like 30 something inside (ok, the outside feels as old as it looks but that must be some kind of mistake)

not so nice biting dog arrives today...i think her name is sarah. sweet pea and dexter are up for their turns at the vet. and i should get the results of the first set of blood work back which is good because toby and missy look even older than me.

how to age quickly....enter the world of rescue and watch your life hit high speed. it reminds me of that movie "click"...just keep hitting fast forward and poof, one day your life the movie reaches "the end."

i gotta get rid of that mirror, it is freaking me out.