Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 20, 2008

i just spent 2 full hours pulling everything out and bleaching the crap out of my room...ok, that was gross.
plus i fell on the wet floor cuz i was wearing those slippery i have the wet floor suckers is safer.
pete and edith are insane today...they are rabble rousing in good natured evilness and having a blast.

corky the killer (and freaking noisy) parrot, has gone to live with greg in the shop. i do love her, but she needs more time spent with her than i happen to have to spare. so relax saints volunteers, you are once again safe in our hallowed halls... corky really liked me so if she is pissed it is nicole's fault!

it is like doorknob central around here today. i could have cheerfully murdered the lot of them this morning in their rush to get out to the fields. now they are starting to filter back in...internal clocks are ticking close to lunch time for them....they mind those clocks pretty damn well.

well...i still have the rest of the house to do...i already did up the americats, tammy is doing the bunnies and mo is covering the barn, so break time is over and time to get to the regular stuff around here.