Rescue Journal

indoor picnic for dexter on this saturday at noon

Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2008

his time is getting close, we are down to just a few weeks left with him.
nicole wants him to have a last picnic cuz that is one of his most favorite things to do (eat). it is too cold for an outdoor one so we will christen the new and finally finished multipurpose room with a party for dex. everyone and anyone (with food) is invited...dexter will love to share whatever is good to eat with both old friends and new...he is very excited about this!

lexie is off having her tooth extractions today (i almost forgot!!!) and i will drop off cuddles the cat tonight for his dental tomorrow when i go to pick lex up. raymond spent the night at nicole's, he was going to school with her today...he is a guest guinea pig for bloodwork for the vet tech program but nicole said only the very best at it will get to lay a hand on him.

well the "MP room" is emptied, greg moved everything out into the driveway in anticipation of the lino installation tomorrow. it will be so good to finally be done with that room once and for all.

the zithromax is working well for washington, harrison, sanjaya and merlin. i am thinking about getting some more for a couple of the borderline americats and see how they do. gosh the rock is a very great cat, he is simply amazing!

we threw down a ton of salt around the barn areas. i gave all the horses lectures, no being stupid and brainless until that freaking ice melts. (spritely knew i was mostly talking to her!!)

i let cranky sarah out of her xpen for a couple of minutes yesterday. she was fine and then before i could react and without even a seconds warning, she grabbed poor tiger lily who was just walking up beside her. no physical damage but lily was very upset. i am thinking hard about sarah and what to do with her because she is too unpredictably quick (at least for me and the rest of the old farts around here.) i am thinking about fencing off the laundry area cuz i don't want to keep her forever in a cage.

bloody freaking uptight reactive animals are a pain in the ass...this would include little miss not so sunshiney under the bathroom sink .



I'll be there, but not until about 1:30. Hope I don't miss the party.


Ok Mo your comment made me cry. That weekend that I finished the barn Dex was there with Tommy. All of the other dogs had gone off but Dex stuck around to help.


I will be there with yummy gooey foods for Dex and I will try not to bawl. Is it this Saturday coming up?


I am feeling very very sad about the idea of Dexter leaving us... I know his time is closer, I've noticed him slowing down the last few week-ends ... slowing down ..but never quitting, that dog does not know the meaning of quit. I remember clearly the 1st day he came & the wonderful couple who found him & cared for him until they found SAINTS.. I can't remember their names, but if you are out there & reading this, please know that you saved & brought us one of the most wonderful dogs I have ever met and I am so thankful to you guys for that. I will be sad for a long long time after he is gone . Dexter has been one of my barn cleaning buddies for the last year... he is one of the main reasons it takes me so long.. he is always saying " O.K. time for a pet... O.K. time for a scratch.. O.K. time for a run/walk around the pond . If you have never seen Dexter run ... you a truly missing a beautiful sight, he's like a rocking horse with a great Big smile. I love you Dexter... and I know I am one of many !!!!!


When will the indoor picnic be happening?! I will be there, hands down. My vote is for Thursday. For Dexter, I will transport myself anywhere anytimme.


Oh a picinici what a lovely idea. hmm.. perhaps get Dex his own little flowery lei to wear. he would look right spiffy he would!


Oh Carol. Your special little bathroom cat is not a pain, she's just pissed. If you take a really close look at her and get past the hissing, growling and super quick swatting claws you will see a very special cat that has the ability to bond with her special human.

Hillevi Dodson

I am glad to hear that the Americats are doing better. You are right, The Rock rocks. I could not get enough of him when I would be at the rescue in Pahrump. Of course, I am sure that all of your SAINTS are special and just the best that could be.

I hope that everyone behaves and that the salt works quick.