Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 22, 2008

blah, i hate feeling like must be because i did not sleep well last night.
dex's tumour is wide open and dripping blood now, copper and tally just will not leave it alone, they so badly just want to clean it up for him. it doesn't hurt dex at all but it is hurtful for us to see...ahhh dex, you are going to break our hearts again.

ellie was on her knees again today, it took several minutes for her to get up to her feet. lexie just doesn't feel all that great this morning, but she is not being left behind.

these guys make me sad sometimes.

so far this vacation, i have accomplished the above and beyond things that needed to be done.
somewhere around more than a dozen vet checks and bloodworks, home visits and surgeries too.
the bills are mostly paid but there are still a few i have to get to.
the laundry area is organized and today i finished up the feed room too.
my bedroom has been bleached in every corner and my personal laundry is all done up and my drawers and closet are tidied up too.

the den has been re-vamped and all the linen shelves in each area have had tune ups, the multipurpose room was organized, emptied and will be re-filled again, the chickens have new straw and shavings and i even managed to clean out and re-stock the fridge.

eva is working on setting up the animals files and i still have to sort thru the entrance area, the store room and my van (which i hope to do today and tomorrow) and then this set of holidays are all done.

i am not ready to go back to work yet...i was hoping for just a day or two of enjoying all the extra things done. ahhh well, life sucks and then you die (or in my case you go back to work)
do you know why rescue is not for the faint hearted? cuz the faint hearted choose their vacations to bake on a beach with a coconut hanging over their head.

i bet i would do well on survivor (as long as i did not have to eat any crawly things.)
i better go and de-discombobulate myself cuz i still have a few things to get to on my list.


Angela from NY

....Hoping Dex can and does thoroughly enjoy his party Saturday before breaking hearts....