Rescue Journal

Best Friends and the 22 Vicktory dogs

Carol  ·  Jan. 25, 2008

BF is now free to start introducing the 22 dogs they are caring for from the Michael Vick case.
I am so glad these dogs and some of the others found safe haven within the rescue world. The horrors that this man perpetuated against these dogs and countless others, shames all of humanity.

dex's big party is tomorrow..i am working but was able to clear a space in my schedule so i can come home and watch him thoroughly enjoy himself. he is going to have so much fun!

little miss sunshine (bathroom cat) has deteriorated from being totally pissed off but still eating to completely depressed and still pissed off and not eating. today is hunger strike day 2. i am worrying about her and trying to decide how to proceed from here. i could towel wrap her, force feed, and give her appetite stimulants and sc will keep her alive but won't make her any happier and it will certainly make her mad. i don't have a foster home for her right now and even if i did, i can't send her out if she is not eating and drinking, so now she and i are stuck together til she gets over her upset. she might as well learn to forgive me, i did not wreck her life despite what she thinks. i suppose the best way to go is to keep trying less violent interventions over the weekend and if still no improvement, consider sending her to the vet for a possible gastric feeding tube, that way i can feed her without restraint and keep her hydrated too. bloody highly strung cats, they can be such a nightmare....upset dogs are way easier to deal with.

i am a bit wonky tonight..i had quite a bad sinus headache this morning so i stopped into the drug store and bought some non drowsy sinus headache stuff. i have no idea why but it has totally messed up my head, for the last few hours i have no idea if i am coming or going and just feel slightly lost. guaranteed that the animals will take full advantage of this.

well, i am off to the store room to see what tasty treats might temp little miss stubborn kitty.