Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 27, 2008

nicole is going to work one on one with little miss sunshine to see if she can help her get over her hump. trina managed to get her to lick her food off a spoon yesterday (i am rolling my eyes) maybe i have missed something here, like the silver spoon in her mouth thing that i was supposed to notice.

the americats enjoyed the party yesterday, especially because zoe the vegetarian put her own personal preferences aside and brought everyone roast chicken. that must have been tough zoe, but the animals are very grateful. sanjaya and merlin had their 2nd and last dose of zithromax. it will be interesting to see if this finally kicks the URI out of their systems. fingers crossed here. when i checked them all at bedtime, they were all asking for more chicken..sorry guys, all gone.

our little missy is fading away before our eyes, at 19 yrs of age, i guess she is allowed to. but she truly is one of the sweetest and nicest cats that i have ever met, she is still eating but i think she won't be with us for too much longer.

monty, is just one huge shiny ton of happy healthy cat. he spent the night sleeping on me last night and at first i thought it was one of the dogs because he was so heavy and solid. i find it hard to believe that cat has FIV.

hook (my cat) is getting frailer too. i have no idea how old he is except to know that he is ancient. he sleeps of my lap with 2 little poodles. he can always find an inch or two that he can squeeze himself into.

my sweet and lovely julie, plays a special game every morning as soon as i open my eyes. she wants my hands touching her and she goes looking for them to rub her drooly face on. some times i trick her and bend my arms right back so all she can find is my elbows and then she can't figure out where my hands went. this perplexes her and she starts to paw at my face to bring them back again...i always do so she always wins and she likes that alot!

sigh, enough of cat time, i better get off to work!