Rescue Journal

fuzzy memories

Carol  ·  Jan. 27, 2008

my daughter gave me this great fridge magnet a couple of years ago...i have since lost it but i remember what it said:

"it is pretty easy to have a clear conscience when your memory is a little bit fuzzy"

she gave it to me so that when i was into remembering what a great mom i used to be, she could smile and nod indulgently and silently mouth "fuzzy memory" to me. i love my kids, they keep me real and they make me laugh.

when you have been in rescue for a long time, you learn that "fuzzy memories" are almost universal. not just for rescuers, but for potential adopters and surrender-ers too. you get pretty good at zooming in on the fuzzy parts and trying to bring them into clearer focus...or sometimes you just don't bother because it really doesn't matter all that much to you.

the real trick in rescue is to zoom in on your own fuzzy memories because if you let things get too fuzzy then it becomes harder to color within your own lines.

i will forever be grateful to my daughter for that little rubber fridge magnet that i have since lost, you can learn some pretty important life lessons from the most unexpected things.

and speaking of fuzzy memories, i think the saints suffer from the exact same problem. it never ceases to amaze me how they can possibly think that i forget in 2 minutes or less, exactly what they just did. clyde trashed out the garage just as my dinner reached the right temperature in the microwave. i gave him heck while i cleaned it up and as soon as i was done, he was trying to convince me to share my dinner. i asked him..."weren't you just in trouble with me a minute ago?"...he said, no, he didn't think so, he is always a good boy.

i told eddie twice, that he could not drink my milk out of my cup and his memory is pretty fuzzy too cuz he just kept trying to get some cuz apparently he forgot that i didn't want to share...that cat is a milk-a-holic!
ellie mae broke the latch on the gate last night and then had the gall to give me shit tonight cuz it took me so long to undo the make shift strap.

animals are alot like humans, their memories are not all that clear either.