Rescue Journal

they are just plain weird

Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2008

snowed in kindly rearranged the schedule so i did not have to risk life and limb getting to work. i am doubly grateful because i have another killer headache and don't feel much like a nurse, more like a patient.

cole is pretending he is a husky...he gives a pretty good imitation of one too (unless you happen to watch him)...he lays out in the snow, curled up like a real husky in his snowy bed. he stays like that for about an hour til his fake husky bones start to get cold. then he hikes himself back into the house to lay on his comfy bed by the fire. after an hour or two when he is toasty warm and feeling wild again, he curls back up in the snow. why not just stay on the warm comfy bed, why freeze your ass off just to pretend?

dixie chick who after 5 non-feral years, still pretends that i am out to kill her. she freezes her butt off outside in the cat run and pitifully cries until she finally gives up and curls up on the couch....why all the "i am feral " drama? just come in and stay on the couch, like anyone here even cares if you think you are feral or not.

princess leia the warrior rabbit is a bit more settled today. she still thought that she could beat the shit out of trina when trina went in to clean her pen. come on now...everyone in the entire world knows a rabbit can't win a one on one battle with a human holding a dustpan....dustpans make good raging rabbit shields.

edwina (the new little duck) might be a boy or a girl so we will call her/him eddie til someone smart comes to visit who knows if a duck is a boy or a girl. he/she has moved into the hen house with rusty, helga and pleeze and has happily been accepted by her new non-duck family. he/she is a very smart duck to find safe, well fed haven the day before a giant snow storm.

we moved sarah up into the laundry room and she likes it much better in there...she only has a very small fence blocking her off which is better than the 48 inch high puppy pen. she is less isolated, more a part of things, especially important things like washing and folding laundry. she makes a good laundry buddy.

endora got shifted to the other side of the sink and now has a little suite on the counter over there. she has her food and water and she has her comfy bed and now she has a small, personal litter box of her own too.

stripe who lives in the cupboard over the fridge got a home make over too. i gave her a nice, new puffy, softy bed and laid towels on both her shelves like new little carpets and gave her back her furry lounging pad. she seems quite happy with her redecorated abode...
why do i have cats living on counters and inside of cupboards? because they are weird!

everyone is quiet and everyone is sleeping and i really should feed everyone which i have not done yet...but they aren't complaining and my head still hurts too much to listen to all the chaos that opening cans around here creates.

why do they think if they freak out and carry on that it makes feeding time taste any better? i am sure it doesn't, i am sure it would taste exactly the same if they all just sat quietly until it arrived....hopefully my headache will get better as i just took some more tylenol cuz there are some here that i absolutely have to feed canned food to and i would like it not to hurt my sore head if we can avoid it.

it is very pretty with all of the snow if you stay in the house and just look out the windows...sigh....i wish the barn guys could put themselves to bed.


Stan~Turtle Gardens

No there not weird !!! they are just Loved and that means they can decide for themselves where they want to live not where "We" think they need to. I love Saints and can't wait to visit again and enjoy the ambiance of the happy content beasts. Stan