Rescue Journal

updates on the worrisome ones

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2008

ellie is still on her knees every morning but once her pain meds kick in she is up and ready to go.

nicole is re-naming sunshine to "milly" she is eating a bit on her own but not enough yet, and she is purring once in awhile too, but she still needs force feeding to get enough nutrition in and she might be coming down with URI so she needs to be watched carefully too.

missy barely ate much of anything at lunch time...she is really speeding up on her downward decline...her time is getting close and i am watching her even closer to know when she says she is done. so far today, she says she is ok...we will just have to take this moment by moment for now.

sparkles still is battling her diarrhea, tomorrow trina and i are going to give her a bottle of pepto as per the vet. hopefully that will firm her up a bit and then we need to give her backside a bath.

bond is still at the vets and not doing very well. they are going to xray his anterior skull and see if there is an underlying bone neoplasm that is the source of his out of control infection.

penny did well with her surgery and she went home to her foster home today. apparently she was very relieved to finally be out of the vets.

edwina (the new he/she duck) is doing really well...fully accepted and very comfortable and this is even with me confining them all to the hen house because the snow is way over their heads.

princess leia the warrior bunny is finally settling in. she and patches are becoming friends and she did not try to kill me when i cleaned their pen today. she is a confident little bunny, that is for sure.

tyra's knee is doing ok, i am keeping her on anti-inflammatory meds for the next couple of days.

dexter is actually pretty good today...he even bounded thru the snow for about a hundred feet before he decided he better slow down and walk instead.

cleo jumped maudie when we were out on our damage done, but maudes feelings were hurt and cleo knew i was pretty upset with her...apparently they both wanted the same pile of frozen horse poop...for goodness sakes, there are tons of frozen poopscicles out there for everyone.

i had to drain that wound on phoebe's head...she did not like that very much. but it was starting to abcess and she is on antibiotics so it should heal up quickly now. she sure does not like me goofing with her person, every time i get up to move, she watches and moves away from me. but this is what leashes are made hang on to reluctant beasts so you can get them to do whatever it is you need them to stay still.

all the cleaning and animal care is done, the last load of laundry is just finishing up and i have an hour and a bit to do nothing much at all....hmmm, nap or a movie, personal laundry or a hot bath?...oh what shall i choose to do!



Deb - that is totally the best scene from the movie! My first rabbit looked just like the killer bunny. It took me a while to get used to the white with the red eyes... :)


her official name is SlasherCat Millie. she really is a doll. we are keeping the SlasherCat part so i am politely reminded that she has the ability to be evil but is choosing to be nice. She is still looking like crap around the mouth, but she ate on her own twice today but there is definitely something going on in there.
carol, can you write on the whiteboard - Millie's meds? so i hopefully don't forget to grab them.


All I can think about is the killer rabbits from Monty Python's Search For the Holy Grail. If you haven't seen it, and are a little twisted, you have no idea what you are missing.

"It's just a flesh wound......"


i like ballsy little bunnies...i think they are funny as all get out...another day or two and she and patches will be so firmly bonded that their friendship will last for a lifetime! thx for bringing her out shelley...patches needed a best friend and princess leia needed to impress at least one human with her incredible bravery!


I'm glad Princess Leia is not a killer. A million thanks for taking her in and giving her a chance.


I get a kick out of little Edwina. He/she is probably going through some serious gender confusion issues. Glad to hear that everybody is doing relatively okay, especially Dexter! I was frustrated I had to leave early on Saturday- all the farm folk looked so lovely with the snow falling about!
Roads were okay, not desirable though!