Rescue Journal

it is the thought that counts

Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2008

i forgot to mention that clyde had seizured last night too. i only knew about it because he was asleep in my arms. i woke up to his convulsing but it did not last very long and he settled without my intervention so that was good. i thought he had gone a bit longer than usual between episodes but at least i know that he is still having breakthroughs. i will talk to colleen and see if she wants to adjust his dose or leave it as it is.

sweet pea is almost back to normal, she is maybe a bit quieter than usual but maybe not. it is hard to tell because just looking at her makes you feel all warm and protective and worried...that is just what she does to you.

missy is still doing her own thing, not eating but wandering around and schmoozing with her favorite human friends. we will see how she is tomorrow, but she is ok tonight anyway.

ellie is getting minor abrasions from walking around on her knees in the mornings..she has worn off the first layer of skin and this is starting to worry me.

bond... we don't know what to do with, so we decided to do nothing permanently. we will give him another day or two to see if he can pull thru this. colleen thought he MIGHT be slightly brighter today and that it was ok to see how he was we wait.

so...and other things...

lexie wanted to hang out with us in the multipurpose room...which is fine. but when nicole and i were ready to leave there, lexie didn't want to leave. so we left her there cuz that was what she clearly wanted...except, we got it wrong.

in lexie's mind, loyalty is everything and you demonstrate your loyalty by staying at the side of those you love. what we stupid humans were supposed to do was stay in there with her. a miscommunication between species that resulted in a torn up window screen. ah well the multipurpose room scores it's first hit.

nicole now has before and after video's of the multipurpose room which i want her to post on here so you can see the big change. i was quite surprized to hear she had the before ones and she had to admit why she took them in the first place...nicole is quite good at keeping secrets, so if you want to share something with her she will keep it under her hat. early last year she nominated us for one of the home improvement shows. the producers actually came out here, and apparently i gave them the full tour. at the time i couldn't understand why anyone would drive all the way out from north van for a 20 minute tour and then just leave. anyway we were not chosen, the rooms were too small to hold all their cameras and crew, but i do think it was one of the nicest things that someone could have tried to do for our beloved crippled crew!

thx nicole, in this case, it really is the thought that counts! and i am mightily impressed that i never heard about this until now, you and your cohorts were pretty good at pulling the wool over these bleary eyes!