Rescue Journal

pleeze has died unexpectedly

Carol  ·  Feb. 3, 2008

i didn't get out to the chickens til this afternoon and pleeze was dead. i thought she was looking really good and we had escaped the effects of commercial farming with her...apparently not. i am assuming her heart gave out suddenly as this happens with the commercial birds and she was absolutely fine yesterday. they have been hanging out in the chicken house for the last week because of the snow so i didn't notice her not being as active as usual because they haven't wanted to be outside very much. maybe i would have seen it coming, maybe not...but i am truly sorry that we have lost her because she was a very nice chicken.

pugsy the pug is here, she arrived late this afternoon. she is a great little dog and gives phenomenol kisses. i spent a couple of hours with her on my lap watching the continuing saga of the meercats. she likes hanging out and watching tv with me so i think she is going to do fine here.




I am so very sorry to hear about Pleeze. I hope that you will take solace in the fact that the Rainbow Bridge is a wonderful place with no fear, pain, illness, or any other negative influences.

God Bless


I'm sorry to hear about Pleeze Carol. Rest in Peace little one.
I am eager to hear more about Pugsy she sounds like a wonderful addition to Saints. Welcome Pugs you have landed in heaven, watch out for Clyde though he's a little devil!!!!

Susan from Chicago

Enjoy the bridge Pleeze.

Welcome Pugsy, you have found a very lovely and safe haven.