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boom boom and the Americat and multipurpose room videos

Nicole  ·  Feb. 8, 2008

some more pictures of Boomer and here is the contact info again
The following link is Boomer’s petfinder page

When Boomer first came to the house he wouldn’t come out of the back room. These are photos from the first day he actually kept out on his very own.
Boomer first venture out into the “big†part of the house

All the stuff Boomer dragged into the back room and I piled up and took a picture of

Boomer trying to see if some of this stuff tastes good

Boomer trying to see if some of this other stuff tastes good

Boomer not sure what to do know that all his stuff is taken away

Also here are some videos (let them fully load before you click play)
The first is of the newly finished multipurpose room
and the second is of the Ameri-Cats.



ok, i'm going to save it in a different program, but not tonight as i'm going out to watch hockey. i will try posting it tomorrow.


Oops - I meant to add: Boomer is beautiful!!!!! Love the worry lines in that first picture, and his incredibly expressive eyes in the last one. I hope he finds a wonderful home. Someone who will happily welcome a canine redecorator!! LOL


I only get the audio, also, and I do have Quicktime on my new computer. However, I get a message that says "Quick Time is missing software required to perform this operation. Unfortunately it is not available on the Quick Time server."

Is there any way to convert it to another format - Microsoft media player or something? (Does that even make sense? I know nothing about software/computers/programs).

Eva Stock

Hi Nicole;

I never got the Americats or the m. p. room either.
Thanks Eva


yes that is frodo, he is very happy with his new giant bedroom (also known as the multipurpose room).
Hillevi, i think you need quicktime to view it. you can download it for free if your computer doesn't have it. (google quicktime to find the free download).
Susan, I have know idea what the NYE country rescue community is but if you can tell me where to post it, i can post a link there (or you can).

Susan from Chicago

Boomer is adorable! So good to see the Ameri-Cats, they are so happy! Is there a way to post it on the Nye County Rescue Community? I am sure lots of people would love to seem them on there! The multipurpose room looks very cozy - you could rent it out for volunteer guests...and I loved the kitty overseeing the buns and guins! Is that Frodo?

Thanks for letting us get a glimpse!


Thanks Nicole ~ what beautiful homes these guys have ~ neater than my house, I'm sure! Good luck with Boomer - he is gorgeous and such a brat haa haa!


i got audio but no video..that is a tease nicole, i want to watch them.