Rescue Journal

you can be right

Carol  ·  Feb. 12, 2008

even if someone thinks you are wrong, all it takes is a bit of time.

so i have been telling lexie to stay off the ice, and lexie thinks she is smarter than me. so today with that ice really thin...i made sure she understood and agreed. which she did, til i turned my back.

then she promptly went out on the ice and fell right thru into the pond.

i told her she was a dork as i pulled her out and then put her into the back yard while i let the horses free. i was gone all of 5 minutes, by the time i got back, she couldn't get up to her feet.

i picked her up and left half of her hair attached to the ice she was laying on. she had frozen to the ground in a very few minutes which wouldn't have happened if she had listened to me.

i have told tyra and phoebe to knock off the flying circus when we are heading out to the fields. they both ignore me whenever they can and usually someone gets hurt...mostly it is phoebe.

today it was tyra, she fell on the ice and she pulled her knee yet again. and geez for goodness sake, how hard is it to walk instead of barrel is not like they don't know how to walk cuz i have seen them.

i don't know why it is so hard for them to admit, that i might actually be right...thank god most humans are smarter than that, when i say be careful of that ice because you might fall, everyone actually listens to me.

now i have to go to work, where my patients listen to me too.