Rescue Journal

the circus dog and other poodle roles... plus the americats, tyra and clyde

Carol  ·  Feb. 13, 2008

cuddles is our circus dog..his wardrobe consists of acrobatic type tight, stretchy tu-tu's and green and orange sweaters. he can leap a 36 inch gate in a single bound, and way up onto a bed. he can balance himself on a moving lap, and dance around on his hind legs. not bad for a 15 yr old poodle.

sweet pea is the perpetual baby. "hold me, hug me, feed me, pick me up, and tell me how cute i am."

tiger lily is the food critic. she likes to savor a taste of anything. she pretty much likes all of it so she'd make a good reviewer to invite over for dinner.

cuddles is also our "maude is being bad" alarm...he rats her out the second she is thinking about stealing the cat's canned food. she can't even sneak in a single snack without him setting off the alarm.

sweet pea has a second role, it is the special sound effects crew. she can sound like everything from a real human baby to a human porno queen.

tiger lily's second role is official bed checker. she tests them out for sleep-ability and comfort and again she passes them all with flying colors.

on a serious note...some of the americats are not in top form tonight. sunrise and ronnie are starting with colds and albus's breathing is laboured. his nose and eyes are clear and he is eating well but i can't find my stethescope to listen to his chest. i better get him into the vets first thing tomorrow morning, oh please lets not have them starting a massive group crashing at a time with lot's of space in between is how i would like their disease to proceed.

and if clyde knocks over one more thing tonight i might just have to kill him. i have cleaned up cat food, garbage and water and i am tired already of cleaning up after him.

tyra is on house rest because of her knee which is absolutely fine with her but it is driving phoebe completely crazy. her quality of life is just not as good if she can't get tyra to chase her around trying to eat her. she can't stand that i keep tyra away from her where she can't entice tyra to forget she is hurt and jump her anyway. she whines at whatever gate i have tyra behind because right now phoebe is not allowed to bug her. just leave her alone phebes, i will let her try to kill you next week.