Rescue Journal

2 twisted and one really quite sad.

Carol  ·  Feb. 14, 2008

we will do the twisted tale first

The Green Ghoul

Later last night when I was heading to bed, I noticed yet again my blanket laying on the floor. My green 300 thread count sheets were all messed up into a pile on the bed.

"WTF??" says I as I start to move closer and suddenly the green pile starts to slowly rise. And there just inches before my face is a snarling green ghoul with a distinctively sharp and pointed nose.

"Get the hell off my bed you fiend" I shout with firm resolve and out flies the exorcised ghoul without looking back as Phoebe heads straight out the door.

and the even scarier but sad one


Albus is still having trouble breathing today. We went to the vets and he was upset because he had to stay there for a few hours. His xrays show a massive pulmonary edema, we can't tell if it is pneumonia or cardiac based because the lung fields are so dense you can't see the heart in behind. By this point Albus is so very distressed he is literally gasping for air. But we think it is stress that has pushed him right to the edge and want to reduce his fear. he had 2 large doses of lasix in an attempt to move that fluid out and then re-xrayed to see how it did and i stayed with him for the second xray. and the lasix did absolutely nothing at all and my being with him did not calm him down either.

Albus is home again and contentedly laying in front of his beloved fake fire. We gave him antibiotics and maybe the lasix will work better overnight. But he is settled and back to his new normal laboured breathing and is no longer gasping for air right now.

If it is a pneumonia, he stands a chance that we can treat this with antibiotics. We will repeat the xrays again tomorrow if it looks like the lasix worked and maybe we can then see his heart. If it is cardiac, we might be able to treat this too...but the vet said it could be a hundred things. She said that FeLV can cause all kinds of different life threatening problems. It could even be an FIP secondary to his FeLV.

What she did say which is as clear as you can get, is that Albus is in deep shit.

Positive thoughts are needed for this little cat who is very ill tonight. If he survives, it is just a matter of time before we are in crises again on a different day.

BUT....Albus is happy, he likes his new life, he likes all the love and the really good food and I think if given a choice, he might choose to stay here a little while longer, he likes his red, white and blue american/canadian home.


Eva Stock

Hi guys;

I witnessed both behaviors by the lovely (Paris Hilton) and I think her best quality is excercise trainer for Tammy as she takes Tammy on great runs. She was very cute in the MP room which when you think about it could stand for multiple personalities. Which I do believe Paris Hilton has. They both try to impress with aren't I cute?? And they both want the guys and girls to follow. Example Tyra and Clyde. But I think it would be wise for Pheobe to quit trying to out growl Carol!! Good luck with both the chalenges Tammy. I did enjoy everyones company last p.m. Bye for now Eva.


Actually Phoebe is just asserting her independence. Sometimes she just has to say "you're not the boss of me", she's a free spirit deep down. On a second note fang is already taken. That's what I call Sanjaya because of his teeth.


she was only sorry cuz i kicked her out of the MP room...and phoebe has a heck of alot more than just a bit....she is paris hilton of the canine club...i am changing her name to "Fang".


Well, a small setback for her. Did you not see the apology in her eyes after the small snarl? She didn't mean to and felt bad about it. Sometimes she just can't control that part of her. But then again, don't we all have a bit of bitch in us.


and i forgot to mention her snarling at me on the multi-purpose room couch.
and you saw her do that today too. is blind.


Oh Carol, you forgot to mention how cute and well behaved Phoebe was in the MP room today.Or the way she was playing with her leash, grabbing one end of it and pulling me to the door, eager to get outside and hit the road. Not to mention how adorable she is when you run behind her and her little ears are flapping up and down as she is sprinting down the road.