Rescue Journal

sweet pea

Carol  ·  Feb. 16, 2008

she came in a year and a half ago. a 15 yr old, bleary eyed, wrecked, 5 pound, itty bitty thing. she was already full of cancer and we thought maybe she would have a few weeks. first she partnered herself off with tom, and they became just like a married old couple and when tom passed away she stayed single until cuddles successfully woo'd her right off her feet. she wormed her way into my heart and into the hearts of everyone else.

and today, when she was just shy of 17, she peacefully left us all.

we will miss your noises, we will miss your spinning and darting around. but mostly i personally will miss, you hanging out on my lap and licking me half to death.

rest in peace sweet were a very, very good dog.



Aw sweet pea; you had the most perfect name for yourself. Have a safe journey and hugs to Carol and Co.


In this story the princess was the pea. Go in peace little one. You are loved & missed by many .


Oh I'm sorry to hear this Carol. Good bye Sweet-pea you will be missed but never forgotten, because you were loved!!!


I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Carol. I loved to read about Sweetpea - she was so cute and cuddly looking. I'm glad she was able to be cuddled and loved by you for the length of time you had her. Take care, Diane

Eva Stock

Bye, Bye Sweatpea;

So glad I got to spend time with you last p.m.. Your Mom, Carol absolutely adored you and she will miss you forever cuz that is the way she is. The rest of us will remember you too. I loved your duck bark and you were the cutest poodle I ever saw and such a good girl. God bless little one. Nan. (Eva)


Goodbye Sweet Pea, so aptly named and so loved by many. May the next part of your journey be calm, safe and free of pain. Goodbye good dog.