Rescue Journal

another long but very good day

Carol  ·  Feb. 22, 2008

it was another beautiful warm and sunny day. the dogs swam and wrestled over sticks (and planks) and we sat in the afternoon sun and relaxed for a bit.

dexter is tired, bone weary tired tonight, he was pretty active today. he is still out in the MP room, he has been there all evening, snuggled on a triple soft bed and refusing to come back over here. i keep going and asking, and he keeps saying no. i cleaned the place up over there while waiting for him to be done, but the others were missing me so i did have to come home. i hope he doesn't want to sleep over there tonight, but i am thinking he might. whatever, he can do whatever he wants to do, it is his life not mine, and it is short enough that i will not interfer with his choices as long as he is safe and comfortable.

sam and candace came today and groomed the difficult ones of the crippled crew. andy needed 2 full doses of sedation but gosh he looks cute tonight. he still is a bit out of it so he lets me sit and pet him. i know i am taking advantage and that's not fair but i only get to touch him and tell him how much i love him once a year.

squirt did quite well and only needed a single dose, he looks even more adorable than he did before. and we didn't sedate sparky, but she was so upset and squirmy that maybe we should have. it is nice to finally see her face and eyes and i bet she feels a heck of alot better.

thank you both so very much for tending to the needs of these three so kindly. i wish all of them were not so afraid, but they are and it is wonderful to know that they can be groomed so gently and respectfully despite their fears.

my amazing sight today involved our new sweetheart darla. she got her first barn venture today and she did really good. i was trying to entice ellie out of her stall and i was bribing her forward with bread. darla apparently can be bribed as well. i know she has never even seen a pig before, and there she was, shoulder to shoulder, side by side, step by step for each single small piece of bread. it was like she snacked with 500 pound pigs all her life instead of this being the very first time. she is a great dog.

i popped raymond into the vet...his anal gland infection just will not go away. we pulled some blood and if all is well, he will have them surgically removed next week...THAT ought to help him feel a heck of alot better, this has gone on way too long.

susan and shelley came out for a visit and the barn is well stocked with apples once again, YAY! they all had the very last apples and bananas yesterday so i was worried about their dinner treats tonight. shelley brought a DVD full of pictures of saints so i am going to look at it in a few minutes.

i better go check on dex first tho.