Rescue Journal

busy bedtime

Carol  ·  Feb. 22, 2008

dex is still insisting on sleeping in the MP i covered him with a fleece, moved the heater closer and will check on him halfway thru the night.

on my way over there i heard a soft moo from jeanette so when i was done i grabbed a flashlight and went to check on her in case she was flat out again. she is not in her bed of warm dry straw...she is standing in the middle of the riding ring. so i went back to the house and grabbed her a couple of warm fleeces and covered her up too. i made sure they only covered her back and sides cuz i don't want them to slip and get in her way. and i put out more hay under the barn undercover area where her bed is to encourage her to at least think about going to bed. (her bed is there because it has a very thick and soft surface that we have specially built up so she doesn't get stuck down like she does in the barns on the harder surfaces in there)

percy heard all the commotion (he was already in bed in the barn, but the door is open so jeanette can go in and be with him if she is lonely) and he came rushing out. sooo...i gave him some more hay too and now both of them are having a snack. the goats and the horses heard me too but i said no more food for anyone tonight. i am mean! but i swear to god, a habit of a midnight snack for the entire barn crew is just more than i want to risk.

on my way back to the house, i noticed mugsy had decided to sleep on the patio on one of the raised meshed beds...hmmm, i asked him to come in and he said "no" and it is chilly out there tonight. hmmm again. his arthritis is bad these past few weeks and i should make him come in but i don't. so i fetch him a foamy covered in fleece to put on his bed which he liked but he told me to "f" off when i tried to cover him with a blanket. fine...the fire is on 5 feet away, i guess if he gets cold he will go back inside.

geez these guys are busy being difficult at bedtime tonight, what the heck is with that?!

ok, meds and my bed...i am tired again!!