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lobbying for $$$ change $$$

Carol  ·  Feb. 22, 2008

there is a quite interesting discussion on one of the boards about the US closure of horse slaughterhouse issues and are horses livestock or companions? it was pointed out that according to law, horses are livestock (the law also states companion animals are property).

and this brings to mind once again how far behind our laws sometimes become in comparison to current social morals.

the problem of course on changing these types of laws and bringing them into our new way of has built a way to make money on what the old dated laws say. it is the lobbyists with big money backing who keep the rights of animals confined to a morality more than one hundred years old.

look how fast the government reacted and changed something like pre-paying for gas, that affected every single driver in was teenagers death and a whole ton of loss of tax revenue from all of the cases of fill up and run. there was not a single nay saying lobbyist in sight protecting someones financial interest (except the government was protecting it's financial interests and so were the gas companies too) and that is why this law came into being so fast, not because a young life was lost, young lives are lost every day. but it was a perfect excuse to close the door on lost gas revenues both for the government and the big gas companies.

now don't get me wrong...i think it is a good law to protect people from harm who work in gas stations. i just don't get why the govenrment can change some laws really quickly (and pretend they do it because it is the right and moral thing to do) and others like animal rights laws just get stone walled year after year after year.

and i don't get why we let them get away with it...why it is the acquistion of money that greases the governments wheel and gets them to do something right.

so here is my proposal to get the animal rights laws changed...

for every animal bred in BC...the government gets to charge a large BST (a breeding surcharge tax) for every animal prematurely killed...they get a MST (a murdered surcharge tax)...we give them the rights to NST and AST (abuse and neglect tax) ...eventually they will just tax out the profits that anyone can possibly reap and the problem might just go the possibility exists that they might try to continue to encourage people to keep breeding and murdering and abusing and neglecting animals according to our current laws to fill their precious coffers.....but we might actually get tired of paying all the taxes one day and lobby ourselves for a change in the laws. we might become, the biggest lobbying force of all.



Carol, I think one of the most important factors is that companion animals don't vote.