Rescue Journal

ahhh ratz again

Carol  ·  Feb. 27, 2008

i woke up at midnight and can't get back to sleep. there are too many poodles and pugs on my bed and then phoebe popped up and stared out the window. what was she looking at so intently? did she see a rat in the backyard?

sigh, now i am worrying about the rats again which i have been pretending do not really exist. and since i am awake and doing nothing but laying there trying to sleep, i just automatically switch over to worry.

why can't i happily count my blessings, instead of trying to count how many rats might possibly be living underneath the chicken coop?

i swear in the sleepless darkness of night that there is a whole freaking army under there. and why don't i just finally do something about it instead of just wishing they'd all go away (or become magically sterile)

i actually haven't seen any since mugsy killed those last ones but i know those little buggers are out there....just waiting ( and having alot of sex and babies while they are waiting too)

what an utterly stupid and useless way to waste a good nights sleep.



lol! no mati! pugsy is a blind pampered house pug...mugsy however is tough, determined ratting farm dog.

Eva Stock

dHi Carol;

I hate the thought of the rats too. But you know that Bob cat is back and will come and check things out for sure as it seems to also visit the horse rink area and the people that live next to there. They have all seen that cat, so do be careful out there at nite and all the small animals are vulnerable too. I am so worried about Simon!! Have a good rest tonite, you really need it and most certainly deserve it. Eva


Now Julie, that's not nice (he he). Carol will be up all night every night until she gets every last one of them. When will she ever get to sleep if there aren't anymore?

Just kidding Carol.


maybe they are like the Secret of Nyhm rats and they have a whole city running under the chicken coop. Notice anything electrical going missing of late?