Rescue Journal

getting there....

Carol  ·  Feb. 28, 2008

wanna know how i do this?

just one step at a time...

step one..home from work

step two..barn guys to bed

step three...dinner with eva (this step damn well just about killed me...she tried to burn me inside out with curry!)

step four....clean MP room and put away this weeks donations

step idol and organize cat/small dog room during commercials

step six...laundry and linen shelves

step seven...organize kitchen and clear off the counters and give all the cats a bedtime treat of milk and hand out the meds
step eight...30 minute nap with fussy tired poodles

step nine..(this is where i am right now) organize entrance way while goofing around with the pitbull
step ten...put my clean laundry away without pissing off boo (this has been waiting for almost a week)

and then go to bed.

10 little baby steps, with even a few moments built in for me and them...i will be asleep by 3, and up at 6...and we will finish tomorrows steps 1-10 by 10 am before the shaw people arrive!

it's just have to count to 10 a few times and you have accomplished alot.